a French Bistro from the Alpine Savoie region.

Pachanga, Hilton Dubai Jumeirah Resort, JBR
by Jannat & Pawan Manghnani on October 23rd, 2016
​Discover South American cuisine in this lively Latin American Steakhouse or pop in for evening tapas and cocktails at the traditional Cuban-style bar. Stay entertained all night long with their live entertainment of the most popular songs in the continent.
​What stands out immediately at Pachanga is how communal the vibe is. It’s a restaurant where you go to celebrate, where memories are made, where everyone in the dining room has something in common. Everyone who’s ever dined there tends to look upon that memory with fondness, relishing perhaps not the best meal ever had, but one of the most enjoyable ones.
We were really excited to be invited to Pachanga at the Hilton JBR for an event called ‘the 2nd Savoie Week’.  But when we got there, we were in for a complete surprise – the Latin American Steakhouse at the Hilton JBR had been totally transformed into a French Bistro from the Alpine Savoie region. Gone was the sign that read ‘Pachanga’ – instead, we walked in through a cobbled arch proudly bearing the name ‘Les Gentianettes’.
What followed was an unforgettable few hours – every aspect of Pachanga had been dressed up as a Savoie restaurant and we were transported to the French Alps. A group of musicians from the Alpine countryside serenaded the diners with live music from the French Savoie throughout the evening, raucously at first, and then a melodically ebbing away as the night grew and the amazing wine selection took its course. A little market at the center of the restaurant featured jewellery, trinkets, and dresses from the Savoie, all staffed by people who had actually made the journey to Dubai from France.
One of the biggest aspects of what makes an evening memorable is who you share it with. And when you opt for fine-dining, you’re also sharing your night with the restaurant service – the hostess, the waiters, and the busboys – all of who you get to know as your meal progresses. The Hilton is naturally associated with great service, but our waiter (Sanjog) and the rest of the team really made us feel special that night, and nothing beats that feeling.
With everything going so wonderfully (especially the wine, ooh-la-la!), we decided to get adventurous with our all-French menu. We feasted on Escargots – giant snail baked with herbs, butter, and garlic – surprisingly approachable and delicious. The chef behind the evening’s magic, Claude Trincaz, then sent out a delicious plate of French pasta, followed by one of the best fondues we’ve ever tried. One might think that there’s not much to cubes of bread and a pot of melted cheese, but the gulf in class between a bad fondue and good one is only apparent once you put yourself out there and try a lot of them.
Desserts were maybe less interesting, and we didn’t particularly enjoy the Crème Brulee or the sweet Brioche, but that didn’t take away from the evening at all, especially considering how full we were already. 

​Interiors –

Location –

Ambiance –


Value for Money –

Service & Hospitality –

Quality & Taste of Food –

Cost –
About AED200-250 Per PAX

Cuisine –
Steak, Latin American

Phone –
04 3182530

Address –
​Mezzanine Level, Hilton Dubai Jumeirah Resort, The Walk,Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR), Dubai

Every ingredient at Pachanga / Les Gentianettes seems to be treated with a wholesome respect, a sentiment that the staff applies to service as well. Of course, this is a Hilton restaurant, graciousness and unpretentiousness reign supreme here, despite the fine dining surroundings. 
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