Pachanga, Savoie week 2016

Hilton is a phenomenal chain of hotels, and whenever they celebrate something it’s done in grandeur. They’ve ramped Pachanga and its been called ‘Les Gentianettes’ by chef Claude Trincaz and are celebrating Savoie Week and  we went for the launch party and it was absolutely amazing, there was live music, and the menu has been carefully crafted,to take you on a culinary journey to the Savoie The French Alps.

For starters my friend had ordered the Sea Bass, with a hint of wasabi it was so simple yet so delicious, we knew we are in for a real treat. So the three of us then ordered a sharing appetizer platter called the Lumberjack Platter, cause you have to experience the cheese tray always at a French place,this one had potato  fritters, green salad, reblochon, abondance, beaufort cheeses and dry beef cuts.

The mains were tricky so we got help from our wonderful server Charles, who guided us on what to get, I knew I wanted a Cheese fondue the moment I laid eyes  on it in the menu, my friend ordered a Sirloin Steak and a Duck Marget for the other. Now as you all know the French take their cheese very seriously so the Cheese Fondue, was just perfect, served with beef, croutons, i just wanted to eat it up with a
spoon but I behaved myself don’t worry !!

So my friend, celebrity numero uno blogger TheShazWorld , couldn’t stop bragging how perfect her medium well steak was cooked and gobbled it up quickly.
The duck was moist and the blue berry sauce on top of it, was soothingly delicious.

The desserts were again a very interesting selection and the choice was tough, so we went with the classics, Creme Brulee but they’ve given a very unique touch to it by adding Pine Tree buds to it, that gave it a distinct color and taste too ! And the other was Wild Red Berry Soup, that was topped with a crisp sugar glazed puff pastry and had a fresh mixed berries puree at the bottom, i don’t have words to describe how amazing this was.

Attaching the info below for you all so you can enjoy the experience hassle free.

1- ‘Les Gentianettes’ Pop –b Up Restaurant

by Chef Claude Trincaz at Pachanga

10th – 15th October 2016

Open daily from 6:30 pm to 11:00 pm

2- Live Traditional Entertainment

Be sure to catch The “Tradi’sons” each day.

6:30 pm by the beach at Wavebreaker Restaurant.

8:00 pm at the ‘Les Gentianettes’ Pop-Up Restaurant at Pachanga

3- Cooking Masterclass

11th October 2016

9:00 am followed by lunch

4- Après Ski Brunch


Enter a raffle draw for a chance to win a ski holiday at Valloire GalibierFor more details/ reservations, dial- 043182530 or log on to


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